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  • Pump Torch

    Pump Torch

    Environmentally friendly torch which doe

    From $3.13 To $3.47

  • Verve Flashlight

    Verve Flashlight

    Contoured pocket size aluminium flashlig

    From $8.84 To $9.93

  • Card Magnifier

    Card Magnifier

    Handy credit card sized magnifier with a

    From $0.43 To $0.49

  • Locking Tape Measure

    Locking Tape Measure

    Metric tape measure with a two metre met

    From $3.03 To $3.37

  • 5 Metre Tape Measure

    5 Metre Tape Measure

    Locking tape measure with a tough impact

    From $5.22 To $5.83

  • 15cm Mini Ruler

    15cm Mini Ruler

    Small plastic ruler with graduations in

    From $0.53 To $0.60

  • Multi Ruler

    Multi Ruler

    12cm multi-function ruler which is also

    From $0.70 To $0.77

  • Magnifying Ruler

    Magnifying Ruler

    15cm ruler with a magnifying bar which m

    From $1.04 To $1.17

  • Vernier Caliper

    Vernier Caliper

    Affordable, fully functional plastic Ver

    From $1.04 To $1.11

  • Flip Ruler

    Flip Ruler

    30cm plastic ruler with graduations in b

    From $0.92 To $1.05

  • 30cm Metal Ruler

    30cm Metal Ruler

    Metal ruler with graduations in both cen

    From $3.03 To $3.37

  • Compact Ice Scraper

    Compact Ice Scraper

    Compact yet powerful ice scraper with a

    From $0.60 To $0.66

  • Ice Scraper

    Ice Scraper

    Robust ice scraper for removing ice from

    From $1.63 To $1.84

  • Book Mark Magnifier

    Book Mark Magnifier

    Plastic book mark with a magnifier and a

    From $0.60 To $0.66

  • Pocket Screwdriver

    Pocket Screwdriver

    Unique screwdriver set with four interch

    From $1.21 To $1.34

  • Tool Kit Torch

    Tool Kit Torch

    Handy screwdriver set with six interchan

    From $2.06 To $2.26

  • Titan Torch Key Ring

    Titan Torch Key Ring

    Aluminium mini flashlight with a handy k

    From $2.89 To $3.16

  • BIC® Standard Lighter (J26)

    BIC® Standard Lighter (J26)

    Lighter / J26 Maxi Lighter

    From $2.40 To $2.53

  • Carabiner Highlighter

    Carabiner Highlighter

    Writing Instruments / Highlighter

    From $1.87 To $2.35

  • Nebula Torch

    Nebula Torch

    Compact anodised aluminium flashlight wi

    From $3.66 To $4.06

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